How it works:
  • All current members of the YMCA of Ponca City who have been members for at least 30 days and have a
    qualifying membership type (bank draft) can invite friends to join the Y and participate in our Better
    Together Program.

  • The current member will fill out a Friend Referral Card and give it to their friend. When the friend joins, we
    will waive the joiner fee and the 20% discount will be immediately applied to their membership. The current
    member will be notified (via email/letter) that the friend has joined and the 20% discount will be applied to
    the NEXT payment cycle after your Better Together Buddy has joined with a valid membership type.

  • Current members can refer anyone who has not been a member of the YMCA of Ponca City for at least 90
    days’ prior to applying to the referral program.

  • Both parties will keep the 20% monthly discount for as long as they are both members.

  • Should one of the parties leave the Y, the other will be notified (via email/letter) and will have 30 days to
    find a new referral to continue to receive the discount.

  • Members can refer up to five friends to join the Better Together Program.

  • Having multiple friends on the referral list ensures the member keeps their 20% in case their friend leaves
    the Y.

  • This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.