FAQ’S & Guidelines:
  • What membership types qualify for the Better Together Program rate?
    The Better Together membership rate can only be applied to memberships set up on an
    automatic bank draft. The discount is not available for corporate memberships, insurance-
    based memberships (such as Silver Sneakers, Silver&Fit, and Heathways Prime) or another
    third party that pays your membership dues on your behalf.

  • What if I have an annual membership?
    To receive the 20% monthly discount, the member will need to convert their annual
    membership to a monthly membership.

  • Can a member get the 20% discount if they are part of a corporate account?
    No. Each membership is eligible for only one price reduction.

  • If a member is currently receiving financial assistance can they refer a friend to the
    Yes. The friend or family member who joined will receive the 20% discount for the
    membership category they select. The current members rate will remain at the standard
    financial assistance rate or be reduced to the member referral rate for your current
    membership type, whichever the member chooses.

  • If a person has a friend and they both want to join the Y at the same time can they
    sign up together as Better Together Buddies?
    No. At least one of the two must be a current Y member for 30 days before they can
    refer a new member.

  • Before the program started, some members referred other families to the Y. Can I
    receive the discount?
    No. The referral rate reduction is only available to current members who refer a new
    member to the Y.

  • What if my friend’s membership goes on hold?
    If one member goes on hold, both members will remain on the program for up to 3
    months. If the member on hold remains hold for longer than three months, the other
    member will need to recruit a new friend to continue to receive the 20% discount.

  • What happens if my friend cancels their membership?
    The member will have 30 days to recruit a new friend to remain in the program. If the
    member is not able to recruit a friend in 30 days, the rate will revert back to the original
    monthly rate.