Stacie Hobbs at
or call 580 765 5417
This program was started in 1997 by lifeguards who wanted to give lap swimmers a goal and
a reward for all their hard work! The program is simple in that all you have to do is record
your distance.
When you reach 100 miles, you get a Y “100 Mile Swim Club” T-Shirt!

*To Join the 100 Mile Swim Club, simply stop by the front desk and register (it’s free)!!
*Log sheets are located on the table in the Lap Pool Deck
*Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. Please be accurate in logging your distance.
*You may use fins, paddles, kickboards, gloves, and pull buoys during your workout to make
your swim more interesting. Break up your workout into smaller ones and change your
strokes as you go.
*Reach the GOAL!! Swim 100 Miles- however you wish- and receive a FREE YMCA 100 Mile
Club T-Shirt!
*YMCA Aquatic Staff will total your distances every Friday.

What is 100 Miles?  Here’s the breakdown!!
Indoor Lap Pool
Length = One end of the pool to the other (25 yards)
Lap = Down and back (50 yards)
1 mile = 1,760 yards = Approximately 72 lengths or 36 laps
Goal = 100 miles = 176,000 yards = 7040 Lengths or 3,520 laps
100 Mile Swim Club  JOIN IN ANYTIME!
We would love to have you!